Marble Floor Cleaners - Wood Flooring Inlay - How Do I Clean My Ceramic Tile Floor

Marble Floor Cleaners

marble floor cleaners

    floor cleaners
  • (Floor cleaning) Floor cleaning is a major occupation throughout the world. The main job of most cleaners is to clean floors.

  • paint or stain like marble; "marble paper"

  • a small ball of glass that is used in various games

  • Stain or streak (something) so that it looks like variegated marble

  • a hard crystalline metamorphic rock that takes a high polish; used for sculpture and as building material

marble floor cleaners - MB Stone

MB Stone Care MB-1 Marble, Granite & More Floor Cleaner (1 Us Qt)

MB Stone Care MB-1 Marble, Granite & More Floor Cleaner (1 Us Qt)

Just add 1 to 2 ounces of MB-1 Marble, Granite and More Floor Cleaner to a gallon of warm or cold water and watch your polished or honed stone floor come alive! Its pH balanced, NO RINSE formulation effortlessly cleans soil and grime and dries with NO STREAKS. Special inorganic salts in the formula act as moisturizers and optical brighteners, actually enhancing the shine on the floor. Also excellent for wood floors, ceramic and porcelain tiles and great for the maintenance of large commercial floors with automatic scrubbing machines, too!

82% (13)

First Class/ Expert Cleaners 1950's

First Class/ Expert Cleaners 1950's

The Expert Cleaners building is one of a very
few examples of International Style
architecture from the 1950's remaining
in Edmonton. It follows the aesthetic
guidelines developed by the functionalist
school of design which originated in Europe
in the 1920's, but reached it's peak in
popularity 30 years later. Of particular
importance to the early development of the
style was the idea that a building's form
or design should be a direct and rational
result of it's function, or use. By the fifties
however, aesthetic had superseded rationalism,
and though they still resembled those actually
designed to be functional, it was style rather
than use which had become the most important
consideration. The Expert Cleaners building
demonstrates this later phase of the International
Style. Though it is devoid of ornament, it is not
designed purely fir function. Beautiful marble
faces the bottom floor, and a grille, originally
suspended over the driveway served no apparent use
-even though it seems to be derived from the covered
carriage porches found in former architectural styles.

Source: Historical Walking Tour of Edmonton pamphlet.

Risky cleaners

Risky cleaners

3 guys clean the windows in the 5th floor of a building in Edinburgh. Aparently no security devices. Something very rare in the UK, where securty measures are part of everyone's daily life.

marble floor cleaners

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