Infinity floor speakers - Wet floor mops - Underfloor heating timber

Infinity Floor Speakers

infinity floor speakers

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infinity floor speakers - JBL 5.1-Channel

JBL 5.1-Channel Surround Cinema Speaker System with 10-Inch Subwoofer SCS500.5

JBL 5.1-Channel Surround Cinema Speaker System with 10-Inch Subwoofer SCS500.5

JBL Surround Cinema Speaker systems are designed to deliver the high-performance sound that JBL has been known for at a price anyone can afford. As the flagship speaker package in the line, the SCS500.5 delivers the exciting sound that today’s home theater experience demands. And with the JBL SCS500.5, its not just only about delivering the best sound but delivering it with an elegant design that will look at home in any listening environment. The SCS500.5’s sleek, black satellites look anything but typical while the powered subwoofer delivers extreme output from an attractive enclosure.

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This is my 1985 BMW 323i. I believe 1985 was the second year of the E30 designation. This car uses the 2.3 liter M20 engine, which is a SOHC inline 6 with two valves per cylinder. I believe it uses the Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection system. The 2.3 liter has a fairly hot cam since this was BMW's highest performance 3-Series for this model year. The suspension setup has MacPherson struts up front and trailing arms in the rear. This setup works remarkably well considering that these are not exactly ideal suspension configurations.

This particular car has about 160,000 miles on the original engine/trans. It was originally purchased by my uncle while he was in Germany and he brought it back to the US and gave it to my cousin as a high school graduation present. My cousin kept it for the next 20 years, over which time the car incurred significant rust damage to the body around the rocker panels/floor. I spent several weeks this summer repairing the damage on the passenger side, which included replacing the rear portion of the rocker panel, the front fender, and patching the floor and rear wheel arch.

This car is mostly stock. The original radio was stolen, so I have a Pioneer DEH-P560MP headunit. I also installed an Audiobahn A6004V amplifier. The front speakers have been replaced with an Infinity 5010cs component speaker system. I'm still trying to figure out what to use in the rear.
I still have the original 14" bottlecap wheels with Yokohama AVS ES100 tires.
These pictures were taken right after I repainted it with an enamel top coat. Some of the trim hasn't been replaced yet since I'm waiting for the paint to harden enough to polish.

Mini Studio v1.0 (DYI Lightbox)

Mini Studio v1.0 (DYI Lightbox)

So after checking out some lightboxes I thought I'd make my own. I used my Logitech Speaker's box. Bought some engineering paper (or whatever it's called) and a poster-like piece of paper. This cost me $2 for 10 sheets of engeering paper and $1 for the poster. Tape was lying around. The box however was like $100, but the 5.1 Surround Sound speakers came free ;)

Check out v2.0 for an even better setup.

infinity floor speakers

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